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Create, print, and manage your competency profile in a matter of minutes.

Over the past thirty years, the concept of individual competency has caught the attention of an increasing number of researchers and practitioners working in the field of human resources management. Competency management is a modern tool that links all human resource processes around a central axis: The Competency Profile. Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler makes this complicated process easy!

Creating a competency profile consists of analyzing the work environment and identifying the main responsibilities. Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler integrates these steps, based on years of research and experience in the field of staffing and assessments, into an easy to use online tool that will determine a competency profile for you within minutes.

All you need to do is identify the job sector for the position, identify the hierarchical level and choose a job title from our list of predetermined positions and Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler will suggest a competency profile tailored to your specifications. Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler will allow you to modify your competency model by adding or changing competencies using Compmetrica’s Competency Model.

Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler will allow you to do more than just determine a profile for a position. It allows HR practitioners and managers to:

  • Save multiple competency profiles by position on Compmetrica’s site.
  • Easily retrieve your competency profile from our databank in a matter of seconds.
  • Print your competency profile.
  • Explore the vast number of competencies found in Compmetrica’s Interview Builder and its Suggested Assessment Products.

Limited Time Offer: Register today on Compmterica’s website and you will be able to use Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler free for the first six months.!

Once your six month trial offer expires, you may purchase the Compmetrica’s Competency Profiler.

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