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Competency Management
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Competency Management is a valuable asset that is founded upon three key business elements:

  • An overall understanding of its mission,
  • An analysis of its work environment and
  • Its strategic direction.

This approach seeks to rationalize human resources management by regrouping activities to maximize the efforts of all and, consequently, the results. This method works from a custom-built or generic competency model.

Maximize investments
The use of a competency model maximizes investments in personnel recruiting, hiring, evaluation and training. No wonder this model is establishing itself as a key component to human resources management!

Yes, but how?
With the help of competency profiles developed for each position or sets of positions, management and human resources specialists can identify high-performing employees more easily. Compmetrica offers two online tools designed for businesses to integrate competency management into their activities better.

1) Compmetrica Competency Model
The result of several years of research and analysis in different businesses, it contains 60 clearly defined competencies, including a series of behavioural indicators. This model is easily applicable to all types of positions, from blue collar to senior management.

2) Competency Profiler
This tool is designed to help management and human resources specialists establish, in four simple steps, a competency profile for most of the positions in their business. This dynamic web application will enable you to create your competency profiles, save them and access them any time.

Competency Profiler