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Using a structured interview is one of the most valid and reliable ways to conduct personnel selection. Using the Compmetrica Interview Builder, you can design on-line, at a low cost, and in less than 10 minutes, a complete professionally designed structured interview including situational and behavioural questions that will assess the most relevant competencies associated with the position to be filled.

These easy steps will allow you to build your structured interview, starting with the identification of the position followed by the identification of the competency profile and the creation of your interview. All structured interviews are developed using the professionally recognized Compmetrica Competency Model.

The Ideal Complement for the Structured Interview

Research has shown that structured interviews better predict future job-performance versus conventional unstructured interviews, as demonstrated in Dr. Andre Durivage and Dr. Norman Peterson’s The Structured Interview – Enhancing Staff Selection book.

This book incorporates the most current and effective methodologies used for question development and in conducting effective interviews, which in turn ensure greater transparency and reliability in any staffing process.

By purchasing this book, you will be exposed to a variety of tools and exercises designed to assist the development of an effective interview process and answer the difficult and common questions that arise during a structured interview, making it an essential tool for any Human Resources Professional!

Price: $35.00