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Compmetrica offers a customized and tailored online testing experience. Contact us today and we will help you set-up an account!

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The new method of assessing competencies in a fast and secure testing environment.

The past decade has witnessed an expansion in the manner in which the Internet has been used in the workplace. In order to respond to the evolving needs of organizations with their assessment processes, Compmetrica is proud to present its quick, efficient and easy to use online testing platform.

Why do I need to get qualified?

Customers interested in purchasing one of Compmetrica’s assessment products must meet an indicated qualification as the use of certain Compmetrica assessment products is restricted depending on your qualification level. Qualification levels are determined based on a customer’s position within an organization and/or educational attainment. Qualification levels are indicated next to the description of each product.

Getting qualified is quick and easy! Visit our “Get Qualified” Web page or click the “Get Qualified” button below:

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What assessment products are offered by Compmetrica online?

Compmetrica’s online testing platform offers a wide variety of assessment tools that have been developed by our organization and are available using multiple choice or text development formats. Our online testing platform offers a wide range of assessment tools in the following categories; Linguistic Abilities, Personality Tests, Administrative Ability Tests, Client Services, Sales and Management Assessment Tests.

For more information on our tests, please visit our list of products at “Our Tests” or contact us through our “HR Solutions Centre” webpage.

What are the advantages of using Compmetrica’s online testing platform?

Administering your tests online gives you greater control of your assessment processes:

  • Reduces the time taken to hire;
  • Administration of tests can be scheduled at times suitable for your organization and the candidates;
  • One central point for managing your assessments for the whole organization;
  • No need to control your inventory of paper-pencil tests;
  • No materials are needed by the test administrator (test booklets or answer booklets);
  • No software to purchase or install;
  • Safe, secure and reliable Web environment.

By administering your Compmetrica tests online, you will be able to manage your own recruitment and assessment processes while avoiding costs usually associated with administering tests:

  • One time set-up fee;
  • No administration fees;
  • No shipping fees;
  • No material fees.

Administering your tests online also gives you greater control and flexibility in managing your recruitment and assessment needs:

  • Access to evaluation reports which are generated immediately after the test has been completed;
  • Data can be stored on Compmetrica’s Online Testing Platform which will allow for easy access to a candidate’s results;
  • Creation of a client profile which allows clients to manage the number of tests being taken as well as provide different access rights to users within your organization.
What do I need to use Compmetrica’s online testing platform?
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
  • Internet Connection: High-Speed Internet

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