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Are there annual fees associated with the use of the Online Platform?

There are no fees associated with the use of the Online Platform. You only pay for the administration or the correction of the tests that you complete. Therefore, the functional features associated with the assessment tools you require, such as the research, registration, as well as storage and the download of assessment results which are at your disposal, are available at no additional cost.

How can I be guaranteed that the Online Platform is secure?
What do you mean by secure?

Once the candidate has begun their test, it will be displayed on the candidate’s full computer screen. Thus, the candidate cannot access any other program from their computer without being disconnected. Moreover, only the administrator has the password allowing the candidate to return to his/her test. Therefore, it is impossible for the candidate to access the internet, open a calculator screen or any other program once the test is being administered.

How do I proceed when wishing to add new tests to my on line catalogue?

All which is necessary, is to contact a Compmetrica Consultant and within minutes your organizational profile will be modified which will allow all the users to have acces to the administration of the new Compmetrica tools.

Can we configure our organization through the web by department, subsidiary or other?
What will be the associated impact on the administration of our tests?

The Online Testing Platform has been developed to meet the needs of small and large businesses. By taking this into consideration, it is possible to add additional client groups to your organization. The groups are independent from one to the other, however, can be configured in a manner in which the candidates’ results may be shared. The flexibility allows for the Online Testing Platform to easily and efficiently adapt to all of your assessment needs.