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Competency Model

Use for free the Compmetrica Competency Profiler that will identify, in three easy steps, a competency profile for most positions. The Profiler is based on the Compmetrica Competency Model which can be purchased at a low introductory cost. The Model contains 60 competencies including a definition and series of behavioural indicators.

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Structured Interview

Use the Compmetrica Interview Builder to design online, at a low cost, and in less than 10 minutes, a complete professionally designed Structured Interview including situational and behavioural questions that will assess the most relevant job related competencies defined for the position to be filled.

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Use the Compmetrica Tests to select your key employees who will contribute to enhance your organization’s performance. Whether we speak of values, personality, intelligence or abilities, our toolbox can offer you the necessary means for selecting the best management, sales or administrative support staff. Click here to see our catalogue.

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